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TVA & GPS in the Press

Introduction to TVA & GPS in the press. Blah, blah, blah.......

Blogs which comment occasionally on TVA and Energy:

Brian Wang (Next Big Future), San Ramon, CA
Center for Environment, Commerce & Energy (CECE), African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA)
"connected", Knoxville News Sentinel (maintained by Andrew Eder until he left the KNS on Feb. 13, 2008)
Bill Hobbs (ECOtalityBlog), Scottsdale AZ
Frank Munger ("Atomic City Underground"), Knoxville News Sentinel (active blogger)
Mike Ewall (Energy Justice Network), Philadelphia, PA (collection of articles)
Paul Gipe (wind energy pioneer), Tehachapi, CA (collection of articles)
GRIST Environmental News & Commentary, Seattle, WA
Edward W. Lollis (TVA & GPS), Knoxville, TN (this website)
Ken Maize (POWERblog), Power Magazine, Houston, TX
Randy Neal (KnoxViews), Knoxville, TN (active blogger)
Power Outrage (apparently inactive)
Ernest Norsworthy, Visalia, CA (relatively inactive)
Robert Smith (Mens et Manus.Net), Oak Ridge, TN (relatively inactive)
Tennessee Valley Authority News, U.S. Politics Today, EIN News, Washington, DC
Bill Hobbs (ECOtalityBlog)

Stories by the Associated Press (AP):

1999 Jul 5 "The millennium: TVA brought more electricity to Tennessee Valley" by Duncan Mansfield
2000 Mar 28 - "TVA [chairman Craven Crowell] launches biggest alternative energy program in Southeast"
2000 Sep 19 - "Testing of [TVA] wind turbines today" (Story later lampooned by Robert Smith)

2001 Jan 31 - "[Senator Trent] Lott pushes for McCullough to be TVA chairman"
2001 Apr 25 - "TVA green power demand exceeds supply" by Duncan Mansfield
2001 Jun 28 - "TVA says wind power works in the South" by Elizabeth A. Davis
2001 Oct 5 - Says TVA will invest $1.5 billion for 5 smokestack scrubbers beginning in 2005.
2001 Dec 31 - "TVA executives collect $5.5 million in [yearend] bonuses"

2002 Feb 7 - "N.C. [Attorney General Roy Cooper] questions TVA windmill study [ for Stone Mountain]" by Scott Mooneyham (Raleigh, NC)
2002 May 1 - "[Tennessee] state buildings will use green power"
2002 May 31 - "Enron chief recommended Glenn McCullough [to] become TVA chairman"

2003 Apr 9 - "Tax issue slows TVA wind power project near Oliver Springs" as publishd in the Oak Ridger
2003 Jan 14 - "TVA deal will expand wind farm" by Duncan Mansfield
2003 Jan 21 - "TVA to expand use of wind generation"

2004 Apr 2 - "UT-Knoxville students vote [March 31] to raise fees for green power"
2004 May 28 - "UT administrators foil student vote on clean air"
2004 Sep 9 - "Southeast's largest green power program running deficit" by Duncan Mansfield. Says GPS sold 11.6 million mwh in 2003 more thn the 27.4 mwh generated, putting CRS accreditation at risk.
2004 Sep 13 - "TVA runs short of 'green power'" as published in the Oak Ridger

2005 Mar 23 - "Audit: TVA contractor [Bechtel] inflated bill, took bonus."
2005 Jan 7" - "Tennessee wind farm expands to create more clean power"
2005 Sep 3 - "TVA encouraged by a dozen homegrown solar power generators" = "Homegrown power: Tennessee family [Don & Jo Huisingh] helping pioneer green energy" by Duncan Mansfield
2005 Oct 24 - "TVA meets 'green power' demand" by Duncan Mansfield, as published in the Mississippi Daily Journal. Also in Elizabethton Star. Quotes TVA's Jerry Cargile: "Optimistic we can get back on track."
2005 Nov 23 - "[President] Bush's TVA board nominees are big political donors" by Duncan Mansfield, quoting Stephen Smith (SACE) & Prof. Erwin Hargrove (Vanderbilt University)

2006 Sep 14 - "UT powers own vehicles on homemade biofuel"

2007 May 23 - "Public urges TVA to promote energy conservation, renewables [in strategic plan]" by Duncan Mansfield, AP
2007 Jun 13 - "Tennessee senator [Lamar Alexander] fears wind mandate"
2007 Sep 6 - "Review set for Alabama nuke plant license [at Bellefonte, Hollywood, AL]"
2007 Oct 22 - "TVA downplays the 'green' role of methane," Associated Press (based on The Tennessean story of Oct. 14, 2007)
2007 Oct 25 - "Cost of solar energy deters price-conscious consumers" by Duncan Mansfield, Associated Press (Also click here)
2007 Nov 18 - "TVA helps bring $5.6 billion in economic development to region."
2007 Nov 30 - "After year at helm, TVA chief [Kilgore] gets $1 million raise."
2007 Dec 6 - "TVA reports $21,000 raise to COO [William "Bill" McCollum]."
2007 Dec 18 - "URS Unit to Build [gas turbines with 600 MW capacity at Lagoon Creek site in Brownsville, TN] for $180M"
2008 Feb 1 - "Growth of wind farms sapping labour supply" by David Twiddy from Lincoln, KS
2008 Feb 15 - "TVA [Board] approves 7 Percent Rate Increase" by Duncan Mansfield in Chattanooga, TN
2008 Feb 20 - "Fuel Charge Pushes TVA Rate Jump [another 5 percent]" by Duncan Mansfield in Knoxville, TN
2008 Feb 27 - "Tenn[essee] Governor to Create Energy Policy" by Erik Schelzig, Nashville
2008 Feb 29 - "NC lawsuit against TVA over coal-plant emissions heading to trial [on July 14]" from Asheville, NC
2008 Mar 3 - "N.C. lawsuit against TVA to be heard in July" from Asheville, NC
2008 Mar 4 - "TVA looks to stretch its kilowatts [at TVA board listening session in Knoxville on Feb. 4]" by Duncn Mansfield
2008 Mar 5 - "Experts urge TVA to increase renewable energy program [at TVA board listening session in Knoxville on Feb. 5]" by Duncan Mansfield
2008 Apr 3 - "TVA Prepping Energy Savings Programs [at TVA board meeting]" by Duncan Mansfield

Stories in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

1999 Nov 30 - "Tennessee Valley Authority to offer energy from renewable sources," Chattanooga Times Free Press. Quotes GPS manager Susan Humber Ross.
2007 Jan. 31 - "Nuclear Revivval" by Dave Flessner and Pam Sohn, Chattanooga Times Free Press.
2007 Apr 22 (Earth Day) - "Advocates push for more green power use" by Dave Flessner, Chattanooga Times Free Press
2007 Jul 28 - "Power resellers form group [Seven States Power Corp.] to own plants" by Dave Flessner
2007 Aug 2 - "Watts Bar [nuclear plant] on line for expansion" by Dave Flessner
2007 Sep 29 - "TVA renews effort to tout conservation" by Dave Flessner.
2008 Jan 5 - "Push [by TVA] to curb consumption" by Dave Flessner, quoting Dr. Joe Hoagland of TVA.
2008 Jan 20 - "TVA kits to aid in energy conservation" by Dave Flessner, quoting Dr. Joe Hoagland of TVA
2008 Jan 23 - "NRC begins review of new TVA reactor at Bellefonte site" by Dave Flesner
2008 Feb 16 - "TVA [board] votes for plant sharing [with Seven States Power Corporation]" by Dave Flessner
2008 Mar 6 - "Political spat leaves [three] TVA board nominees in limbo" by Herman Wang
2008 May 20 - "Tennessee Valley Authority Shifts Focus to Limit Global Warming [at board meeting on May 19]" by Dave Flessner
2008 May 21 - "GAO study says TVA vulnerable to attack" by Dave Flessner

Stories in the Times Daily of Northwest Alabama

2008 Jan 3 - "[TVA] Fossil plant foes seek review" by Dennis Sherer
2008 Jan 6 - "TVA makes staff cuts in research & development" by Trevor Stokes
2008 Jan 8 - "More litigation [of TVA by the Sierra Club & National Parks Conservation Association]"
2008 Jan 9 - EDITORIAL: "[TVA] Mission Forgotten?"

Stories in the Knoxville News-Sentinel:

2002 Aug 18 - "Inhaling the haze: Something's in the air, and it's hazardous to your health" by Fred Brown, Knoxville News Sentinel
2002 Dec 5 - "TVA revises plan to make power using windmills: More electricity, but no storage unit for it" by Bob Fowler.
2004 Dec 5 - "70 years later, TVA reforms approved" by Richard Powelson, Knoxville News Sentinel
2005 May 21 - "Coal's return: Miners, environmentalists stand at the ready as interest in coal reignites" by Scott Barker

2007 Apr 22 (Earth Day) - "Production of [TVA's] green energy going strong" by Andrew Eder, Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 May 13 - Ltr to Ed: "Green power shouldn't be so expensive" by Henry Fribourg (UT prof emeritus), Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 May 16 - "TVA facing $60M deficit: Agency eyes ways to cut costs to offset weather's effects on utility" by Andrew Eder, KNS
2007 May 24 - "Commenters weigh in on TVA: Some workers offer harsh words [on] draft strategic plan," Knoxville News Sentinel 2007 Jun 8 - "Renewable Portfolio Standards - Implications for TVA" by TVA (Daryl Williams); also at The Tennessean.
2007 Jun 23 - "State [of Tennessee is] key in [Congressional] energy debate" by Stephen Smith (SACE), Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 Jun 23 - "Wind energy not right for state [of Tennessee]" by Senator Lamar Alexander, Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 Jul 15 - "Capturing green power gives companies a jolt...can pay off in long run" by Andrew Eder, Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 Jul 2 - "Dig that zero: [David Bolt's] Family’s lake house produces more energy than it uses" by Rebecca D. Williams
2007 Aug 28 - "TVA in violation of clean-air laws, judge rules " by Andrew Eder, Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 Aug 29 - "TVA looses clean-air lawsuit [by Sierra Club] over Alabama [coal] plant" by Andrew Eder, Knoxville News Sentinel
2007 Sep 28 - "Plans move forward to start up nuke plant: TVA board also decides on increase in rates to meet $400 million shortfall"
2007 Dec 9 - "Americans should demand renewable energy" by Gilbert Melear-Hough, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE)
2007 Dec 11 - "Reducing energy demand: TVA looks to increase customers' awareness of personal power usage" by Andrew Eder, quoting Dr. Joe Hoagland of TVA
2008 Jan 16 - "Shifting focus: TVA adding nuclear power, gas-fired facilities" by Andrew Eder
2008 Feb 22 - "Plugged in: TVA helps customers bring down their energy bills with online audit and free energy kit" by Amy McRary, Home & Garden Section.
2008 Mar 10 - "EDITORIAL: Energy conservtion [by TVA] could benefit region"
2008 Apr 4 - "TVA Board Sees Draft of Power Plan [for energy efficiency]" by Michael Silence

Stories in The Tennesseean of Nashville, TN:

2007 Jun 8 - "Renewable Portfolio Standards - Implications for TVA" by TVA (Daryl Williams) for US senators; also at KNS.
2007 Jul 22 - "Following energy rules may cost TVA" by Anne Paine, The Tennessean
2007 Jul 26 - " Wind power gains popularity but senator isn’t sold; [Lamar] Alexander calls it iffy, ugly and expensive" by Anne Paine
2007 Oct 2 - "State's college campuses undergo 'green' revolution: Students' efforts foster awareness," The Tennessean
2007 Oct 14 - "TVA touts green power that costs more: Solar, wind present prettier image than cheaper methane," The Tennessean
2007 Oct 20 - "EDITORIAL: Pivotal energy issues ahead point to scrutiny of TVA," The Tennessean, Nashville, TN
2007 Oct 29 - "Tennessee is a top emitter of mercury [according to new EPA report]" by Claudia Pinto, The Tennessean
2008 May 20 - "TVA plans to cap emissions, look to nuclear power: At 75, TVA steps up growth in clean and renewable energy sources; Part of the plan is to encourage customers' energy efficiency" by Anne Paine at TVA's 75th anniversary celebration.

Stories in Metro Pulse of Knoxville, TN:

2001 Mar 29 - "TVA: The Craven [Crowell] years [1993-2001]" by Jesse Fox Mayshark
2003 Sep 4-10 - "TVA at a crossroads: A public utility with it all on the line" by Barry Henderson
2005 Nov 18 - "Are New Nukes Good Nukes? TVA’s region is about to find out" by Barry Henderson. Also on-line at Tennessee Valley Corridor website.
2007 Date? - "Free-Market Love: How [Senator] Lamar [Alexander] stopped making carbon-trading sense" by Rikki Hall
2007 Dec 20 - "The New Atomic Age: Nuclear power is making a comeback, and TVA hopes to lead the way with its first new reactors in 30 years. But can it really solve our energy problems?" by Rikki Hall
2008 Feb 28 - "Mountaintop Revival: Local evangelical Christians join environmentalists in an unlikely union to fight mountaintop removal mining in Tennessee" by Rick Held

Stories in the Knoxville Voice

2007 May 17 - "Back to the Drawing Board? Critics say TVA’s strategic plan draft doesn’t address current climate concerns" by Hilary Trenda, Knoxville Voice, quoting Gil Melear-Hough of SACE & Anda Ray of TVA
2007 Jul 12 - "[Both] Tennessee senators block clean energies bill," Knoxville Voice, Knoxville, TN
2008 Feb 21 - "TVA's green power program doesn't coral support from all: Local man [Ted Lollis] bucks at green subscriber rates, starts community Web site for dialogue [about Green Power Switch]" by Hilary Trenda, Knoxville Voice

Other Interesting Stories:

1938 Jun 27 - "[TVA]Yardstick Explained," Time Magazine. 1939 Aug 28 - "Appomattox Court House," i.e. "surrender" of Commonwealth & Southern Corp. (Wendell Willkie) to TVA (David Lillenthal), Time Magazine.
1940 Sep 23 - "TVA in Arms," Time Magazine
1977 Feb - "TVA: It ain't what it used to be. What has befallen 'the greatest peacetime achievement of twentieth-century America' since the New Deal?" by James Branscome, American Heritage Magazine.
1986 Oct 27 - "Nuclear Scandal [involving Steven A. White] Shakes the TVA" by Brian Dumaine, Fortune Magazine.
1988 Sep 8 - "T.V.A. Nuclear Official [Steven A. White] Stepping Down," New York Times.
1994 Dec 13 - " T.V.A. Plans to Stop Work On 3 Partly Built Reactors [Bellefonte 1 and 2 and Watts Bar 2]" by Matthew L. Wald, New York Times.
1995 Sep 26 - "Last nuclear power plant [Watts Bar] ready to go [on-line] in Tennessee: Many residents wish it would just go away" by Loretta Lepore, Cable News Network (CNN), quoting Anne Harris, Mansour Guity & Steve Smith (SACE).

2000 Feb 14 - "Wasting Away: With landfill costs still relatively cheap, Knox County is burying valuable resources forever [at Chestnut Ridge]" by Joe Tarr, Metro Pulse, Knoxville, TN
2000 Mar - "Katuah Earth First! Protests Air Polluter [TVA's Kingston fossil plant]" by Chris Irwin, Helbender Press, Knoxville, TN
2000 Mar 23 - "Sunny-Side Up: Now's the time to make the big leap to clean energy" by Patrick Mazza, Grist, Seattle, WA
2000 May 17 - "DOE, ORNL, TVA sign energy, green technology agreements," News Release by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2002 Jan 13 - "Explaining the Enron bankruptcy: What happened to Enron?,"
2002 Jan 21 - "Meeting [of Sierra Club, League of Women Voters, St. Mary's Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation Ministry & SACE] to focus on Green Power Switch," Elizabethton Star
2002 May 1 - "Tractebel [Power of Belgium] Lights Up Mississippi Grid [of TVA] with 490 MW Power Plant After Delays," Business Wire, IIR Industry Alert
2002, Jun 3 - "Green Power [Switch] Will Give You More For Your Money, [GPS manager] Harris Says," The Chattanoogan.
2003 May 20 - "[Buffalo Mountain] Wind turbine tax talk goes on" by Donna Smith, Oak Ridger, Oak Ridge, TN

2003 Jun 27 - "TVA Ruling [by federal appeals court] Fails to Settle Clean Air Act Debate," Environment News Service (ENS)
2003 Oct 7 - "Little Solar Houses for You and Me: ...the Volkswagen of solar homes [in Lenoir City, TN]" by Amanda Griscom, Grist
2003 Nov - "Tennessee Valley Authority to Approve Plans [Today] to Buy [Western] Kentucky Coal [Worth $2.4 Billion] for [Paradise] Plants," Knight Ridder Tribune

2004 Apr - "Green Power [Switch] Effort Simply Blowing Smoke" by Anne Malinee, The Torch, Vanderbult University, Nashville, TN.
2004 Jun 7 - "[Attorneys General of] Seven States Urge Bush Action on Tennessee Valley Pollution," Envionmental News Service
2004 Jul 21 - "US: Eight States and NYC Sue Top Five US Global Warming Polluters [including TVA]," Environmental Media Services ("Landmark Suit Seeks Dramatic Carbon Dioxide Emission Reductions from Power Plants.")
2004 Aug 17 - "Tennessee Valley Authority loses millions on Mississippi power [Regenesys projrect]," Energy Bulletin
2004 Dec - "The Healthy Air Industry" by Harvard Ayers and Matt Wasson, posted by Appalacian Voices, Boone, NC

2005 Apr 22 (Earth Day) - "[Governor] Bredesen Announces TN State Parks to Purchase Green Power," Press Release, Nashville
2005 May 24 - "US Senators [Lamar Alexander and John Warner] mount assault on windpower,"

2006 Jan. 31 - "N.C. sues TVA for cleaner air" by Wade Rawlins, News Observer of North Carolina.
2006 Feb - "North American Portfolio Finance Deal of the Year 2005 - Invenergy: Green greenfield," Project Finance Magazine
2006 May 5 - "Green Power Switch Program Achieves Sales Milestone [per TVA's Jerry Cargile],"
2006 Jun 30 - "Tennessee Board of Regents approves Student Green Power & Energy Efficiency Fee for Middle Tennesee State Univ. & Tennessee Tech Univ.," Press Release.
2006 Dec 15 - "All TVA Performance Goals Not Met, Bonuses Down [in FY 2006]," The

2007 Mar 5 - [Senator Al] Gore & Green Power Switch [at his home near Nashville, TN]," Daily Kos (blog)
2007 Mar 15 - "[Senator Lamar] Alexander denounces legislation that would 'effectively destroy TVA,'" US Senate, Washington, DC
2007 Mar - "Crop Formations: Will the current national focus on alternative energy research last, and if so, how much does Tennessee stand to benefit from it?" by Alexei Smirnov, Tennessee Business Magazine
2007 Apr 3 - "NREL Ranks Leading Utility Green Power Programs: Pricing programs give consumers clean power choices," News Release NR-0807, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado
2007 April 23 - "How Green Is My Tennessee Valley Authority?" by Bill Hobbs, ECOtalityBlog, Scottsdale, AZ
2007 May - "The Nuclear Option: Still bearing the scars -- and financial burdens --of the past, TVA ventures once more into the breach" by Allison Gorman, Tennessee Business Magazine, Nashville, TN.
2007 May 31 - "TVA Board approves strengthened 2007 Strategic Plan," TVA news release
2007 June 18 - "Poll [paid for by Invenergy LLC?]: Tennessee residents favor expanded wind energy,"
2007 Jun 12 - "[Senator] Alexander says energy [bill] would 'raise taxes' [&] wind turbines don't work," US Senate, Washington, DC
2007 Jun 27 - "Who killed the Senate RPS [in the energy bill]? [Answer: Southern utilities]," by Daniel Cusick, Greenwire
2007 Jun 27 - "Who killed the RPS, this time?" by blogger J.C. Winnie, quoting Daniel Cusick
2007 Jul 9 - "New Reactor Costs Daunt U.S. Utilities as TVA Restarts Old Unit" by Elliot Blair Smith,
2007 Aug 1 - Broadcast on TVA nuclear expansion by David Kastenbum (NPR News) with voices of Ashok Bhatnagar (TVA Nuclear), Jerry Paul (Baker Center at UT) & Stephen Smith (SACE), MP3
2007 Sep 3 - "Editorial: Testing Time on Energy [Bill]," New York Times, New York, NY
2007 Sep 26 - ''TN State Parks System named best in the country," TDEC Press Release. GPS is 1 of 6 "key accomplishments."
2007 Sep 26 - "Green power: How PG&E is transforming itself into the very model of a modern utility company," Business 2.0
2007 Sep 27 - "FPL [Florida Power & Light] unveils plans for a [300 MW] solar [thermal power] plant: At a star-studded conference, the utility's announcement shares the limelight," St. Petersburg Times
2007 Fall - "Rad[ioactive] waste secrecy in Tennessee [at Middle Point landfill]," Nukewatch Quarterly
2007 Oct 11 - "US eyes boom in nuclear reactors," by Laura Smith-Spark, BBC
2007 Nov 7 - "[NC Attorney General says] Suing TVA [over air pollution] could cost N.C. $5 million," Chapel Hill New Observer.
2007 Nov/Dec - "Maryville College students promote renewable energy" by Ashley McBee, Hellbender Press, Knoxville, TN.
2007 Nov. 14 - "Green Power talk [by TVA & Maryville College students] at the library [in Maryville, TN]," blog by R. Neal.
2007 Dec 13 -"More profits, bonuses for utility Tennessee Valley Authority."
2007 Jan 24 - "TVA, local distributors kick off Valley-wide home energy audit project," The Oak Ridger, quoting Jim Hoagland
2008 Feb 1 - ""North Carolina gets go-ahead in its TVA pollution suit" by Wade Rawlins, Raleigh News & Observer
2008 Feb 29 - "Judge OKs TVA suit for trial [starting July 14, 2008]" by Clarke Morrison, Asheville Citizen-Times
2008 Mar 7 - "Consumers Encouraged to Use Electricity More Efficiently" (TVA chairman Bill Sansom & CEO Tom Kilgore meet with Congressional TVA Caucus), Upper Cumberland Daily News, Cookeville, TN

Some Interesting Statistics:

World air pollution - World Bank
World greenhouse gas emissions (flowchart), World Resources Institute

Canada energy sources & end uses (flowchart) - Natural Resources Canada
UK energy sources & end uses (flowchart) - UK Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR)
US energy sources & end uses (flowchart) - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL)

US greenhouse gas emissions (flowchart) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
US electric plants (100 largest) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
US nuclear power plants - - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
US installed wind energy capacity (1999-2007) -Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE), US Department of Energy
US wind energy projects - American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

State-by-state energy profiles (with state maps) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
State-by-state electricity profiles (data) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
State-by-state exposure to coal-fired power plants - Clean Air Task Force (CATF)
State-by-state air quality (maps) - Creative Methods
State-by-state green power programs - Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE), US Department of Energy

Tennessee energy profile (with Tennessee map) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
Tennessee electricity profile (data) - Energy Information Administration (EIA), US Department of Energy
Tennessee exposure to coal-fired power plants - Clean Air Task Force (CATF)
Tennessee ecoregions - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Tennessee air quality (map) - Creative Methods
Tennessee wind energy projects - American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

TVA Green Power Switch generation update (data for the most recent 3-month period) - Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
TVA current reservoir information - Tennessee Valley Authortiy (TVA)
TVA rain gauge data - Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

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